Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can a good girl really have a good time?

I just finished reading 'Keep the Change' by Nirupama Subramaniam - about a 26 year old Chartered Accountant from Chennai who moves to Mumbai (for conservative Indian parents it reads 'sin city') with a new job. She shares an apartment with a chic, sophisticated colleague from Delhi.

This is not a review of the bookso i'll get to the point about the post. The novel's not great literature, doesn't even claim to be. But an easy, humourous read that keeps you engrossed.

Some sample lines from the novel:
  • A wedding scene: "Vision of myself with a large sticker on my forehead saying 'Bride Available', and a cardboard sheet listing my golden virtues around my neck like those people you see proclaiming The End of the World..."
  • About her flatmate: "I live in a den of vice, with a girl whose clothes are tight and morals loose. Despite that, or because of that, she seems to be having a great time. I hate her."
  • About today's ideal beauty vis-a-vis 'curvaceous Tamil film heroine' in another era: "The message is clear - if you don't look like a beauty pageant contestant, you should be prepared to live the life of a social outcast with a paper bag (XXL) over your head."
Towards the second half of the book, the protagonist's romance which was starting off in fits and starts...seem to remain at that. Got a little tedious. Her interactions with her flat mate could have been included a bit more instead, they were more interesting than the romance for sure.

The story ends well for the protagnist with her securing her dream job etc etc. I like happy endings, so am good.

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