Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thank You

Among my near and dear ones I am known to be a worry wart who is always over thinking stuff and going on about what might happen. (Obviously, I think they exaggerate). But it's true that I am always thinking, so much so that it almost drives me nuts. Thinking of things to do, things that should have been done, places I want to travel to, things I would like to buy, books I am yet to read, friends I want to catch up with, friends I haven't heard from... it's an endless list.

Of late though, I have come to realise that while I have ten million things running around in my head, I haven't been spending too much time thinking of all the things that I am truly thankful for in my life. The more I think (of course) about it, the more I believe that spending a few minutes being grateful for all the good things in my life has made me more grounded and more positive. I am not sure if I worry less but I certainly see myself less hassled, angry and unhappy when things go wrong. 

Here are a few thoughts I am leaving you with:
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You could probably be excused if it's a Monday morning and you've to head to work especially in foul weather. ;)

Note to myself:

Last, but not the least, thank you, dear reader, for dropping by to read my ramblings. 
May the force be with you! 


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