Thursday, November 6, 2014

A bungalow & a gate - Tranquebar

Continuing my series on the landmarks in Tharangambadi

The Danish Governor's Bungalow

The colonnaded facade of the Governor's Bungalow

The Danish Governor's Bungalow was built around 1784. It was a private residence but later bought over by the Danish government to be made into the official residence of the Governor. It supposedly housed 33 successive Danish governors and subsequently the Sessions' Court, the Salt Office and a part of the post office under Bristish rule. 

When I visited, there was work going on as part of the restoration process started in 2008. The building seems to have been in a very dilapidated condition before work began, therefore it's no wonder the work continues. The transformation as you can see for yourself is wonderful and I imagine, painstaking.

The dilapidated bungalow before restoration

A view of the courtyard inside the bungalow

A view of the massive doors (>8ft at least) &
all the way through various other doors

There are plans to convert the bungalow into a cultural centre for the public with a library, an exhibition area as well house a shop and restaurant. 

A view of the fort & the sea beyond it from
the terrace of the bungalow

The Governor's Bungalow is situated on King's Street opposite the Dansborg Fort and just a few metres away from Neemrana's Bungalow on the Beach. 

The Gate

The town gate through which you enter Tharangambadi of old is a narrow arched structure. 

The gate was originally built in the 1600s but was torn down and rebuilt in 1792 which still stands today. Of course, the town has grown around it and there are other ways to get into Tharangambadi but it's as quaint as the town and worth a look. 

The Gate House hotel, another Neemrana property, got its name from this landmark and is another restored heritage property.


  1. Wow. So much heritage and beautiful architecture. Is this near Chennai?

  2. Hi Paramvir, yes this is near Chennai, about 300 Kms away. Thanks for dropping by. :)