Monday, January 26, 2015

Glimpses: Ha Long Bay

A few more glimpses of Ha Long Bay before I move on towards other sights in Vietnam.

Bãi Cháy Bridge, the first cable-stayed bridge in Vietnam
forms an amazing backdrop for the city

Sidewalk restaurants pop-up during the night, a relaxing way
for residents to spend the evening at the waterfront

A night market at Ha Long City

Some of the wares at the night market

The hotel complex on Tuan Chau island where I stayed

View of Ha Long city as I sailed away from it

View of the entrance to the bay

An impressively large sea-faring vessel on the seas

A secluded beach on one of the rock islands

Sung Sot Cave: The dissolving limestone dripping down 
to form a column (as seen below)

Sung Sot Cave: A column formed by soluble limestone over eons & 
the process continues (as in the photo above)

A floating home against the backdrop of the rock walls

At sunset

Fresh catch to be served to willing diners