Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Art across 4 Kms

The mosaic wall as seen from across the road

Hanoi boasts of a gorgeous 4 Km long ceramic mosaic wall along the Red River dyke. This mural was created in 2010 to mark the 1,000 year celebrations of the city when it was established as the capital 'Thang Long'. The designs in the mural incorporate aspects of Vietnamese culture, history and current vistas of the city as you will see below. 

The concept involved many Vietnamese and a few international artists who came together to create different designs on the wall. The project was sponsored by various corporates, trusts and organisations, each getting a mention in the mural. The mosaic is structured into two tiers and took three years to complete. 

I didn't get to see the entire stretch as it's long-ish walk interrupted by traffic signals and large junctions. But it's worth at least driving past to see the wall in its entirety. 

The mosaic wall holds the record in the Guinness Book as the largest ceramic mosaic in the world which has also been incorporated into the design of the mural.

Top, left is the One Pillar Pagoda & right below is one of 
Hanoi's many skyscrapers representing its modern face.

Quintessential Vietnam: the ubiquitous two-wheeler, propaganda art
style poster & the mosaic wall in the backdrop.

The B&W ceramic designs stand out in the 
midst of all the colour.
Top is the Guiness Book logo while below is the depiction of
the ancient & modern names of the city along with
the corresponding years.
To see the wall before the mural existed, read the post by Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural.


  1. The last time I had visited in 2010, this wall was not there yet. Very nicely written and wonderful images.

  2. Wow, beautiful mural! And 4 kms of it, wow. Didn't know about this - thanks for the post :)