Thursday, January 27, 2011

2010 - the good, bad & ugly.

As the New Year begins, I am going to be really cheesy and put down my list of favourites (and not-so favourite things) in 2010. Yeah... yeah... I know - everyone does it, why should I add to the numbers, what's new etc etc.

Well...I have never made a list like this before, not even a mental one, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

(a) Making it to the end of the 2nd year of living in a different city, away from family & all things familiar.
(b) Some memorable movies (just when I had more or less believed they no longer made them like that anymore) - Inception, Alice in Wonderland, Social Network, Pipli Live, Udaan, 3 Idiots, Eat Pray Love...
(c) A good year at work despite jumping over hurdles and through rings of fire.
(d) The mad, crazy, fun moments in office
(e) The drinking, eating-out, watching plays, movies, shows...was intersting & good fun!
(f)Having the most fabulous birthday & holiday. It's the compay that counts!
(g) Starting this blog. (I shall strive to be more regular at it though)
(h) Some of the books that I've read & music I've listened to (numerous to list, there were some good ones!)
(i) Being with someone I deeply love & care about and having it reciprocated (technically, this doesn't count, it's a 'forever' thing...but who cares, it is a favourite!)
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Not so favourite:
(a) Ending the year in a serious illness (thankfully, recovered!). Not to mention being unwell the mid-year too.
(b) The hierarchy, pseudo-democracy and nit-picking at work
(c) The 'lonely' moments. I so hated it! (technically, this too doesn't count, probably going to happen in 2011 too...but that doesn't mean I have to like them. Always was/is a complete non-favourite!)
(d) My fluctuating wieght...which never seemed to yo-yo downwards. Always hitting the upward graph or staying where it was. Sigh...where did my college days go... & my 26 inch waist.
(e) Saying goodbye to family & friends after a trip home.
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That's all in my list for the year gone by. Wasn't such a bad year after all. I am extremely thankful for the good stuff and hope to get over the bad. Here's wishing a far better year ahead...

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